Intermediate Fly Fishing

Course Overview

The Intermediate course is designed for anglers with about two years fly fishing experience.

It may cover some of the information contained in the Beginners Course but only to the extent that sees you progress to a more advanced level and beyond.

You may be self-taught, or have had a friend show you how to cast; perhaps you had casting lessons in a park somewhere, or have been away from fly fishing for a while and are looking to jump back in. At the two-year mark, many anglers struggle with little exposure to professional fishing techniques and perhaps have only one or two casting strokes to choose from. This course will provide you with a more advanced (or completely new!) understanding of the 8 different methods* used when fishing rivers and streams and will ensure you are able to competently fish with at least 5 of those methods.

*These fishing methods should not be confused with different casting strokes.

This course includes significant casting work so you can be confident in fishing the 5 different methods contained in the course content.

This course will also include an invaluable fishing session designed to give you an in-depth understanding of stalking trout and presenting your fly. At Rainbow Springs, our fish are wild as can be, living in clear, spring-fed water (they are easily spooked!) so you’ll be fishing for some seriously educated fish that are difficult to catch!

If everything goes to plan you can expect to catch and release beautiful Rainbow and Brown trout between 3 – 10 pounds.

You will be more likely to catch these monster fish after completing our Intermediate Course as your casting techniques, and more importantly, your in-depth knowledge of how to fish will have vastly improved – and your presentation will be spot on!

Course Outline

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