Testimonials from our clients

A Master and Outstanding Day

A sincere thank you for an outstanding day. My casting was rubbish and my knowledge of fly fishing much diminished. I am grateful for your patience, humor and knowledge that you passed on at just the right pace. It was fantastic learning from a master of his craft.


I’ll never forget

Thank you very much for having me around to your beautiful property. It was a great experience that I really enjoyed and I don’t think I will ever forget. The fly fishing nature/creek/river fishing really appeals to me. I’ve already spread the word about my experience far and wide. I’ll see you another time for sure.


True professional

Thank you so much for the pics, really appreciate them. They will be a reminder of a great day out. What can I say about spending the day with a true gentleman and professional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I learnt heaps and your patience was appreciated. You’re a legend and as the great man says “I’ll be back”.


Another fantastic day

Thanks again for another fantastic day at Rainbow Springs. We learn so much with every visit and it was made more special by the “Monsters” Heidi and I caught. In anticipation of our next visit.

D & H

A ripping day

Thanks again for a ripping day. Both myself and Mark will be back that’s for sure. We really appreciated the effort you put in for us both.


Truly memorable

Thanks for a truly memorable day and for sharing your time and expertise. We shall henceforth annoy you on an annual basis about all things trout hunting. I hope my wife doesn’t come to regret my gift voucher and subsequent new hobby, although I don’t like her chances:)


Best ever

Great pickies Peter, thanks again! We all had one of the best days of our life. Fly fishers for life.


It must be working

I wanted to let you know how much my husband enjoyed his time with you. He came home like an excited 5 year old and has not stopped talking about the day since. So, I just wanted to say a big thanks and let you know that whatever you are doing must be working.


Loved every aspect

Your course was both thorough and systematic. As a mum I made the booking to support my daughters interest and was not too sure what to expect, now I’d be happy to go fly fishing without her (fantastic teaching). We both loved every aspect of our day and will be back for an intermediate course.


Unforgettable time!

Thank you for a fantistic day. I not only learned heaps but had a cracking and unforgettable time. I will definately tell my mates about the experience and spread the word. You have built an awesome facility and learning environment. All the best.


Raving about their day

Thank you Peter! All the boys had a great time and came back raving about their day. Your wealth of knowledge and experience made for a great day. Very impressed with what you have made at Rainbow Springs. I am so happy they were able to share the experience with you, and the bonus, they all caught fish.


So pleasurable

We would like to thank you for a fantastic day. In particular we appreciated your good attitude, good humor and knowledge to make the learning experience so pleasurable. Your resume speaks for itself, however  your ability to pass on your vast knowledge in an enjoyable manner speaks volumes for the type of person you are. So thanks again for the great day you provided us both.

Vastly better equipped

Thank you so much for a wonderful day, for sharing your significant experience and expertise. Thanks also for sharing your beautiful facilities with me. I learn’t so much and came away vastly better equipped to fulfill what lies ahead. I look forward to our next time, thank you so much.


Great teacher

Fabulous facility, great teacher. I have been there 3 times now and learn’t more every time. No matter how far along your fly fishing journey you will learn and take away skills and techniques that will improve your casting, your ability to catch more fish in both fresh and saltwater, and most importantly your enjoyment of fly fishing. Just do it!


Don’t think – just go!

My wife and I just spent a great day at Rainbow Springs. We couldn’t recommend the school more highly. Peter is a fantastic teacher with a real passion and amazing in-depth knowledge. A fabulous day, this is our second day trip – same high standards both times. We’ll be back. Don’t think – just go!


An amazing set up

Thanks so much for your instruction on the weekend. I certainly learnt a lot and you have given me some very good foundations. I am feeling much better equipped and will spread the word amongst my fishing buddies and bring them along on my next visit. You have an amazing set up and very good teaching style.


A fantastic day

A fantastic day of learning and fun. Highly recommended. Thanks Peter great location.


Very professional

An ideal way to spend a day learning and laughing with both my son and friend. I would wholeheartedly endorse taking a course at Rainbow Springs. I have always wanted to fly fish but felt intimidated where to start, Peter delivered everything in a fun and professional manner. We will definitely be back.


The perfect day

I loved it and wanted to thank you for a perfect day on behalf of all of us. It was a fantastic day, an ideal balance between class learning and practical skills all with a light hearted and fun touch. We’ll be back.



Excellent tutorials – Best on YouTube. Many Thanks


Awesome family time

Thank you so much for a great day – We will be back for sure. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had a great time (Awesome “family time”) and we were completely exhausted when we got home. Each of us learnt a lot and your suggestions on getting our gear right were priceless.


Enjoyed every minute

Thank you for a fantastic course – money very well spent! We had a great time and perhaps more importantly, really learnt a lot. It’s not often that I have attended a full day’s course on anything and enjoyed every minute of it. We’ll be back for more!


It is contagious

Thanks for an awesome day and your patient teaching and imparting of skills and knowledge, but most of all thanks for sharing and passing on your secrets to us. It is contagious. We will be back for the advanced course.


Very memorable day

The “Tight Country” clip on your Facebook page is fantastic. I had a very memorable day at Rainbow Springs doing just that. The learnings have allowed me to fish much more productively in similar conditions. A great teacher.


Priceless training videos

The training videos on your YouTube Channel are very valuable to us, even with our limited english, we can see what to do right. The demonstrations are helping fly fishers all over our country. Thank you for helping us here.



Inspirational fishing and inspirational instructor!


We all say…

We all say that the day was one of the best ever!


A wicked catch

Thank you very much for a fantastic day! It was a great day packed with tons of information, you are a great teacher so that made it very easy to understand. We made a wicked catch today, I’m still stoked and I’ve already told friends.


Will definitely be back

Recently my partner and I visited Rainbow Springs for some excellent fly-fishing tuition and some delightful fishing. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely and would like to thank you for your advice. We will definitely be back for the advanced course, can’t wait!


Amazing teacher

Peter is not only the most convivial host, he is an amazing teacher. Learnt so much – This is as good a start as you will get anywhere.


Wonderful teaching

Many thank for such a great Saturday. Despite our unacclimatised Sydney-selves bracing for what we consider fierce winds, we very much enjoyed and learnt a tremendous amount, and caught great fish. You have a wonderful foundation for teaching and it shows in your dedication to the craft – we appreciate you sharing this with us, undoubtedly skills many would keep to themselves. We’ll be sure to check the training videos on FB.


An amazing place

Thank you for your hospitality and down to earth teaching. The three of us are still talking about how much fun the day was and how much we enjoyed your teaching. You have an amazing place that makes learning that much easier. We all had an amazing day and the girls are relishing in the fact they “landed” one over me.


Very easy

Thank you so much you have been incredibly helpful and have made the process of fly fishing very easy – so much appreciated and we will be in touch again very soon.


Everything I had hoped for

You are a great teacher Peter and I achieved everything I had hoped for! I really enjoyed your company and look forward to sending you photos of my new found success.


Brilliant Mayfly hatching

Had a brilliant time with Peter learning the ropes of my new passion. Enough information without it being over complicated. Absolutely fantastic time and to see a Mayfly hatch happening real time was brilliant. I will be back to advance my skill set.


Highly recommended

Thanks for the day, not only was it enjoyable, informative and enlightening we are all looking forward to our time on the water. It was a great day and would highly recommend Rainbow Springs to anyone thinking of taking up fly fishing.


Very informative

Enjoyed your very informative instruction (both hands-on and in your fishing hut), detailed advice on what to buy and what to avoid and most of all how you welcomed us and treated us like friends. It was a great day.


Super helpful

Thanks so much – advise has been super helpful! I really used a lot of what I learnt with you on the river today. Hooked 12 Rainbows and landed 10 of them across a 200 metre section of the river. It was a great day out in the rain. I’m going to send my Dad your way too. I think he would love it.


Videos in my country

I shared your YouTube training videos in my countries fly fishing Facebook group. It was very much appreciated by us all – Take Care.

EV in Europe

Love the videos

I love the videos on your YouTube channel. The video about “Tailing Loops” is the best explanation I have ever seen!


Gathered over the years

Thanks for a great day of fly fishing tuition. I learned a lot and feel far more confident in the techniques you helped me with. I really appreciate your patience, experience and willingness to pass on the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years to help me.


Great insight

Thank you for a great day, we both enjoyed the experience thoroughly and gained great insight into the joys of fly fishing which we will take further. It will be great to take you up on your kind offer of further advice in the future. Many thanks again for your time and patience and your thoughtful tutoring.


Definitely more productive

The fly fishing front has definitely been more productive. I have caught Rainbow in the Blue Mountains, Silver Perch in the dams and Whiting on the coast – pretty fun! I’m now targeting Flathead with Clousers and Prawn patterns. See you again soon, cheers Tim


A fabulous day

Thank you so much – We had a fabulous day! You make things so easy to understand and your hospitality is amazing. Yep, we will get into it….You will be pleased to know we are already practicing. We will definitely be in touch and we will be back!! Take Good Care.


Great Facebook posts

Hi Peter, great to see your Facebook posts and hope all is well. I had hoped to send you a photo of a large trout caught on your special rig before now. I recently had a lovely evening river fishing for rainbows and the last fish, later in the evening, was on a nymph in the lower run as you predicted. I love to practice and look forward to more fun times together. I will come see you again for another session soon.


I’m stoked!

The day was super fun and I am stoked on all the things I got to learn. After seeing Peter on his property outside Canberra I travelled to Tumut. The river was lovely and I got to put some things into action which was really satisfying.


The property is brilliant

Two of us had a fantastic day fly fishing with Peter. The property he has built is brilliant and his teaching was fun and very effective. We learnt a lot and would recommend it to anyone  wanting to learn or improve their fly fishing.


Stuff of dreams

My experience at Rainbow Springs was fantastic. Peter is a great teacher and his knowledge of fly fishing and everything that goes with it are very extensive. I can see why he is a champion. The whole experience was awesome, the location was beautiful and his fishing cabin is the stuff of dreams. I can’t wait to come back for an advanced course.

Thoroughly recommended

A wonderful Day! Peter structured everything really well and I had fun throughout. He has a heap of knowledge and knows how to teach. Gradually improving my cast through the day was really enjoyable and I managed to catch a pretty big fish in the afternoon. Thoroughly recommended and looking forward to a more advanced course in the future.


Over the moon

What a day we had. We landed seven beaut Golden’s after a day of learning the art of fly fishing for natives. We caught Golden Perch and our much prized Murray Cod. Everything from flies, leaders, techniques were eye opening. We loved fly fishing for natives in tight country, just awesome fun and a real challenge. We are over the moon, thanks Peter


Will be out again

We both really enjoyed our day and learned an awful lot, improved our casting and fishing and general enjoyment. I am inspired to tie a few new fly patterns. Thanks again for a great day, I think our learning curve went up just like the U.S. Covid curve? Thanks also for the very useful reference material – We will be out again at some stage.


Knowledge is unparalleled

We had a fantastic day with Peter. His knowledge is unparalleled and covers all facets of fly fishing. It is not just academic but concentrated on catching fish and taught in an easy friendly manner. Thanks Peter I learned so much and will be back again.


I am coming back

Seriously great day and I learnt so much with great company. A return visit is absolutely warranted. I had a blast.


Amazing time we had

Thanks again Peter for an amazing time we had as a family learning about this fantastic art of fly fishing.


Awesome time

Peter is one of the best teachers (of any subject) that I have ever met. I had an awesome time and highly recommend Rainbow Springs. I will be booking in for another session real soon.


Best Ever!

The best coach in the game. Simple!


Brilliant and perfect

What a brilliant day learning to fly fish with my sons. I could not think of a more perfect location or knowledgeable instructor. Peter was able to make novices like us cast with confidence and we are keen to develop our skills. We were made to feel comfortable and left at the end of the day knowing it was money very well spent. I’d recommend this course to anyone.


A great experience

Spent a day at Rainbow Springs and it was a great experience. Peter shared very useful information to improve my stream craft and I am sure my chances of catching more fish significantly improved. To top it all, I managed to catch my biggest Rainbow to date.  Thanks Peter!!!


A wonderful day

We spent a wonderful day at Rainbow Springs. I have been a keen fly fisher for 40 years. We both came away confident in our abilities to catch more fish. Peter is a wonderful teacher with instruction on many facets of fly fishing. We highly recommend this facility but most of all the excellent instructions from Peter whether you are a beginner or advanced fly fisher.


Such a great session

Thanks so much for running such a great session. I really enjoyed my session and definitely feel I walked away with my desired outcomes. I have already spoken to my dad about borrowing some of his kit to practice – I will definitely be back in touch.


Bloody great fun too

Thank you Peter you have helped me enormously. The theory and practical demonstrations really worked for me and it was bloody great fun too.


Just too good

Smiles all round! My lady and I are now hooked for life on fly fishing. Having kids will have to wait a while we think, this is just too good.


See you again

I wanted to thank you for a terrific day of training and fly fishing. The venue was terrific as was the weather. We were impressed by the way you were able to meet our different strengths and weaknesses. Your ability is highly regarded. We had a great day, see you again in a few months.


Huge amount

I had a great time and learnt a huge amount. I ordered all my kit and am planning to head out this weekend. I will definitely be back for some additional classes.


Outstanding instructor

I could not have asked for a better start to fly fishing. Peter is an outstanding instructor and the facilities are great. He taught me everything I needed and  provided in depth advice. I am already looking forward to my next class sign up. Can’t recommend this place highly enough!


Secret competition fly

I had a fantastic time – apologies for losing your secret competition fly. I aim to build on my technical success and yes I will definitely recommend Rainbow Springs to others in the future.


Yesterday was brilliant

I had a great time, thanks for your coaching and encouragement. I am feeling so much more comfortable and confident with my fishing and am super keen to get amongst it. I look forward to visiting again for another round of learning. Yesterday was brilliant!


Awesome learning experience

Coming in with an extremely limited fishing background, Peter was so patient and understanding with developing my skills to a point where I was able to catch not one but two fish in a very short period. I cannot recommend Rainbow Springs highly enough. If you every wanted to learn to fly fish but have been too scared to do so, give them a call, you won’t be disappointed. An awesome learning experience and you will see me again for the intermediate and advanced lessons for sure.


Major salt water trip

In order to improve my casting for a major salt water fly fishing trip I turned to Rainbow Springs for help! The time I spent with Peter was invaluable. Peter quickly identified my problems and we were able to improve my casting immediately. While my casting dramatically improved the major value was the ability to spot my old and persistent personal faults and how to correct them.


Super professional

Wow! Super professional. Very impressive and very clear what I needed to achieve for my NZ trip.

Eye opening after 20 years

A fabulous day and even better coach. I have been fly fishing for 20 years and learnt more in one day with Peter than in the last 10 years. The way everything is systematically explained and demonstrated is eye opening. Casting, matching gear, different methods – all fabulous, casting became effortless. I strongly recommend Rainbow Springs and don’t let anything stop you. It is truly worth it.


The milky way rating

Thank you for an unforgettable experience! Your patience and way of teaching meant we got so much from the day. We are definitely hooked and will be back for your salt water course. Was going to give you 5 stars like accommodation sites but would like to give you as many stars as there are in the Milky Way!


All we imagined plus more

We had a great time and can’t believe how much we learned. Can’t wait to go shopping for the right gear. Very impressed with the day, it was all we imagined plus more.


Better and smarter

I very much enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. I am especially thankful for your work on my casting, where I can now identify not only what is going wrong but how to correct it. I am a better and smarter fly fisher, so thank you.


World champion instructor

As a total beginner I had a wonderful day learning new skills from a great teacher who is wonderful company and a world champion instructor. I learnt about the habits of fish, how to choose the right fly, how to cast a great line. All in a beautiful environment. A top Day!


This is the place to go

Whether you are an experienced fly fisher or beginner this is the place where to go. Peter shows you all the short cuts to becoming a very proficient fly fisher. My son and I have just spent a wonderful day casting, learning and reviewing. We will certainly have another day listening to his wise advice and putting it into practice. I wish I had met Peter years ago to widen the scope of my passion.


Best in Australia

Peter is a great teacher and has a wealth of knowledge. You will learn many valuable lessons and improve your casting. What could have been a long day went very quickly and I was sorry it ended. You will not find a better fly fishing instructor in Australia.


Unbelievable day

I really appreciated the sage advice and had a great time, can’t wait to get on the water again and put it all together. Was an unbelievable day. I’ll be back for the advanced course.


Get yourself booked in

I had a fantastic day with Peter yesterday. His knowledge and ability to demystify the art of fly fishing and improve your skills is something all fly fishers should experience. Don’t keep practicing poor habits – Get yourself booked into Rainbow Springs.


I will never forget

An amazing experience and one I will never forget.


Best in all respects

Thank you, this is one of the best weekends, in every respect, I have had in quite a while.


What an experience

Thank you all so much – This is an experience I will remember forever…….What a fish.


Wonderful experience

Peter, thank you so much for generously teaching me and 12 other breast cancer survivors the joy of fly fishing today. In the 11 months since my diagnosis I have not smiled like I did today after catching my first trout. The ACT Fly Fishers Casting for Recovery retreat could not be done without you. I’ll never forget this wonderful experience.


A cracking day

Sam and I had a cracking day at Rainbow Springs yesterday. Very professional and very relaxing. Completely enjoyed the day and would recommend it to anyone! Thanks Peter


Significant salt water improvements

I was staggered how dramatically my salt water casting had improved. I was using both medium and heavy dumbbell flies and this was my most rewarding casting session to date.  We are off  saltwater fly fishing in Exmouth where speed and presentation are critical. I am coming back to see Peter for another session. Thank you once again.


Chasing fat rainbows

Highly recommend a day at Rainbow Springs covering all aspects of fly fishing. I thoroughly enjoyed the insights, advice and experience and will be lining up a return visit. My wife and daughter want some lessons too! Time on the water chasing fat Rainbows was a lot of fun. Very much appreciated the time with Peter and his wealth of experience.


You won’t regret it

Such a rewarding day! I received what I was aiming to achieve, knowledge, skill and experience – I had a ball. Can’t express my thanks enough for all the advice and laughs. I highly recommend a day at Rainbow Springs, you won’t regret it.


Great, great and great

You have created wonderful facilities at Rainbow Springs, your fishing cabin is great and your teaching is relaxed and very professional. It’s obvious you know your stuff and I appreciate you passing on your tips. In short a wonderful day, great instructor, great instruction, great reference materials, great learning environment, thank you.


A life time

Worth every penny, I got more info in one day than in a life time, all served with a friendly smile.


Bloomin marvellous

I enjoyed every minute of the day. It was all I hoped for and more, bloomin marvellous. Thank you for your excellent teaching skills and patience. I will be out fly fishing as much as possible.


Smashed up

Hooked a monster today with my partner and got smashed up big time. A huge learning curve and we are both hooked for life. Awesome day!


Crazy with Nymphs

All the waters are crazy with Nymphs. My fly was absolutely hammered and the fish went ballistic, just awesome!


Fooling a monster

Excellent surrounding and even better tuition. The highlight was building up to presenting to spooky fish and fooling a monster. I have no hesitation in recommending Rainbow Springs to others.


Special treat

Micheal and I had an advanced day of fly fishing long leaders and Nymphing in crystal clear water . Special treat for me and my son.


Awesome time

Had an awesome time today – Advanced at least 4 years in one day. Amazing smile on my face. Perfect!


Brilliant day Peter

Thanks for a brilliant day Peter! I learnt a great deal and am itching to get out into skinny water with my newly acquired knowledge.


Thanks Pete

Absolutely fantastic advice and service.


Fantastic day

What a fantastic day – Learnt heaps from Peter and topped off the afternoon with a huge Brown. Definitely recommended – Thanks HEAPS Peter.


Knowledge and expertise

Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable day, it was very professional and relaxing. The knowledge and expertise you share are invaluable and with the tips and hints received improvements come in no time. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with the whole package and to land a couple of really nice Rainbows was a bonus.


Amazing experience

We had a great day with Peter, beautiful location. Peter was extremely patient with two first time fly fishers. So excited to head off into pristine streams and practice everything Peter taught us. Thanks Peter for an amazing experience.


Sharing of wisdom

Thank you very much for taking the time and sharing your wisdom with me. I really enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun getting to learn the swing of things. I’m really looking forward to hitting the rivers.


Hands down the best

Peter is hands down the best fishing teacher. His knowledge is endless. He gave me lessons on how to fish Fraser Island in QLD. Thanks to him I caught (and released) 76 fish over twelve days. Then there is fly fishing and casting. Simply Brilliant!


So simple to understand

Fiona and I did a one day course with Peter on Monday. What a great day, not only a great location but Peter is a great instructor making everything so simple and easy to put into action. We had a really great day. Well worth the effort of attending and would highly recommend Peter and Rainbow Springs to everyone.


Magic day of sharing

Thank you for a magic day and sharing some of your extensive knowledge and skills. I’m really looking forward to practicing and having success on the water. I really enjoyed your company and fishing yarns.


Enjoy your fishing more

Had a great day with Peter from fixing my casting to fixing my gear setup, he was happy to share his knowledge. If you want to enjoy your fishing more and improve your skills you should look Peter up! I will be back to learn more in the future.


Came from Darwin

I came down from Darwin for an advanced salt water course and last weekend caught my first 80cm Barra on fly! Thanks a million Peter you are a legend.


Moment of fame

My dad and I met you for a lovely day at Rainbow Springs. My dad was so excited with his results he sent his photo into the fishing magazine and got a little bit of advertising in for you as well as his moment of fame. Thanks once again.


Taught by others

Peter, after thinking I been taught how to fly fish by others, spending the day with you changed that dramatically. Your passion, knowledge and ability to teach is absolutely infectious, that simply makes you want to learn more. I couldnt recommend Rainbow Springs highly enough to anybody wanting to learn more about fly fishing. I will definitely be back for stage two.


Seasoned angler

Had an excellent day with Peter! Highly recommend to anyone interesting in learning how to fly fish or even to a seasoned angler looking to develop their skills.


Master of his craft

Who says that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! After over forty years of fly fishing I am amazed how much new I learned in one day with Peter. All kinds of tips about tackle and flies, how to much improve my casting technique and two new casts. All this in beautiful surroundings so close to Canberra and on a lake with great trout rising regularly. How good it is to learn from a real master of his craft.


Knows his stuff

I had developed some issues in my cast that I needed to sort out. Peter was really thorough & got me back on course & sorted out my glitches really fast. I highly recommend spending time with Peter as he is down to earth & knows his stuff & will certainly help you with all aspects of fly fishing.


Second to none

A great day spent with Peter. His knowledge of fly fishing is second to none. I learnt many new skill and had my many casting problems sorted. It was all done in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a great location . I would recommend anyone with an interest in fly fishing to spend a day with Peter.



What a fantastic day. From zero fly fishing experience to casting and shooting, ending up catching a monster wild trout at the end of the session. Great trainer, fantastic course content and awesome facilities. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks heaps for the awesome instruction Peter.


I could have stayed all weekend

Enjoying the day was an understatement. You are a great coach and there was not 1 minute where I did not learn something new and useful. You were overly generous with your tips and the information I required for my Tassie trip. I am now very confident. I will bring back the other guys in April and was thinking on my drive back to Sydney I should throw my daughter into the mix also. I could have stayed all weekend.


Very Passionate

My wife and I had a great day learning to fly fish at Rainbow Springs. Pete is a great teacher and is very passionate about fly fishing.  We went from knowing absolutely nothing about the sport to feeling very confident we can get in and start catching!  Definitely Recommend.


Was Incredible!

I traveled from Brisbane for a full day at Rainbow Springs today for an intermediate / advanced course! Peter’s knowledge and ability to make the complex simple was incredible.  I learnt so much. He is a fantastic fly fisherman and an even better instructor and teacher.


I have suffered

Some time ago I broke my right wrist and my fly casting (and I) have suffered ever since. I heard about Rainbow Springs from a friend who had completed a course so I thought I would give it a go. Put simply, my casting is now a pleasure rather than a chore and I wish I had seen Peter years ago.


I told everyone

I told everyone who would listen, posted your brochures on our office boards, added your details to our social intranet and sent out emails to friends in the hope I can return your kindness. The long trip from Melbourne was worth every kilometer.


Best day in a longtime

Just a short note to thank you for a super day – it was greatly appreciated. That said, the memory of one of the best days I have had in a long time was more than enough. Thanks Peter


Catching fish

I enrolled because you get a change to try to catch fish during the courses. The day exceeded my expectations and I will be back for the next level course.


Improved dramatically

I feel I have improved dramatically and can now get out and be confident fishing the rivers, your huge trout are an added bonus. Can never stop watching them cruising the edges of the lake while we are undertaking casting instruction, interrupting us all day.


It was priceless

Thanks so much for the information you provided in your fly fishing manual. You should have seen the look on my husbands face when he saw a photo of my first trout on fly, a monster – it was priceless.


Forget trial and error

The day was great, I learnt more in one day with Peter than I have in four years of trial and error – The best thing was I caught my biggest trout ever.


Incredible facilities

Thanks Peter for a highly informative day. You have a good style and have created some incredible facilities.


Absolutely chuffed

Thank you for a great day, we were all absolutely chuffed when we got home. We had a lovely day out and your information pack is very useful.



I can safely say that rainbow Springs is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.


Perfect role model

Hi Peter, we all greatly enjoyed the day – you are a great teacher and role model, we all learnt such a great deal.


Terrific day of learning

Thank you for everything Peter, and thank you even more the terrific day we all spent learning so much. We had plenty of time to talk about our day on our way home to Melbourne and we both commented how much we would like to have known all this information long ago.


Excited about getting out there

Thank you for a great day – I can’t believe how much information I have in my head right now – I really enjoyed the experience and am excited about getting out there. I have told everyone I know what a great day it was and what a great school you run, thank you so much.


Real progress

Thank you for the fly fishing tuition today. Your explanations were easy to understand and your advice regarding improving my fly casting skills was excellent. I learnt more today than all my previous instruction I have received. I now feel I have made real progress.


Beautiful work

Beautiful work Peter, we had a great day and managed to learn so much because of your skills as a teacher and fisherman. I’m off to buy a few special flies this afternoon so I can get out and have some fun.


Exceptional coach

Thanks for sending the pics Peter, a great reminder of the wonderful day we had with you. You are an exceptional teacher and coach. We are looking forward to practicing the casting skills you emphasised and putting some of your advice into action this season. Thanks for everything, looking forward to the next time.


Converting mates

Many thanks for the photos and indeed the whole day, I really enjoyed it and am totally converted. I have already started converting a couple of mates and have given them your details. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday and I an sure we will be seeing each other again.


A memorable gift

Thanks again Peter for a great day. We both thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It was just fantastic, really well run and a very memorable gift.


A surprise adventure

I booked a day fly fishing for me and my boyfriend as a surprise adventure for him but the surprise was how much I enjoyed it! It was the most perfect day and we had so much fun with Peter, learnt and laughed. I would recommend this day to anyone.


Nothing but good things

I had a blast, but more importantly, developed more skills in my short time with you than I have in the whole time I have been fishing. Being a trainer and coach myself I’m usually pretty critical of those int he same profession! Although we teach very different skills, I have nothing but good things to say about your tuition, facilities, and the fact that within a few hours I felt like we were old friends. Have no doubt I will spread the word far and wide. I cant wait to get on the water and I’ll be back for an advanced course soon.


Well structured

Thank yo so much for running such a well structured, well organised course. I got a lot out of it and have a great time….I will certainly be recommending this course to others.


It really clicked

I finally had that “A-ha” moment when it really clicked. I have spent considerable time with some other guides over the last few years and Saturday was far and away the best time and the most progress I have made. I continue to come back time and time again.


Really appreciated

Peter, we really appreciated your help on the day. You were so professional and we really took a lot out of our day, thanks so much again.


Wow Peter

Wow Peter, my partner said it was great but the grin on his face in our photos says it all and I could not have brought a better or more appreciated anniversary gift. thank you for making sure it was such a great day. I will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues both for your excellent service you provide me and the excellent experience my partner had – I’ll spread the word.


Terrific day

Thanks very much for your time yesterday, it is something I will look back on with very fond memories for some time to come. Thanks also for the photos and a terrific day. I will be very happy to spread the word about your business.


Boys delight

I heard nothing but rave reviews yesterday and the photos certainly capture the boys delight. I am thrilled they enjoyed their gift voucher as much as they did and thank you for running a fantastic course.



Many thanks for the photos, they now take pride and place on our fridge door where only the most important documents find a home! We had a great time with you yesterday and I am sure my son was bewildered that he could learn so much whilst having such a great time. In any event, when I come across an authentic and professional experience as the one you provided yesterday, I am delighted to recommend you to others. Please be assured I will do so. A very memorable experience.


We will be back

We would just like to say a massive thank you for such a wonderful day. We REALLY enjoyed ourselves and will be back for an intermediate session.


Memorable birthday

I had a fantastic and memorable birthday with you and I learnt more than I thought possible in one day. I look forward to our next time together. My next door neighbor is a keen fisho and is green with envy. I hope this email will confirm to others it is money well spent.



I am buzzing from Monday, I really enjoyed my time with you. i feel capable and competent and have been thinking through all the tips you have given me. I could not be happier!


Fantastic Friday

Just a quick note at midnight to thank you very much for “fantastic Friday”. The sharing of your wealth of knowledge was amazing and I think in Eucumbene need to prepare themselves for our next expedition……none are safe any longer. We all look forward to employing your teachings from now on.


Big, big smiles

Thank you so much, we had such a wonderful day (big, big smiles)! We learned sooo much and you are an awesome teacher, we’ll definitely be back with friends.


Super professional

I would like to thank you for the experience and knowledge I gained on Saturday. I would also like to commend you on your operation at Rainbow Springs, it is super professional and a phenomenal property. I will most certainly stay in touch and be back for more. Thanks for a great day.


Tremendous time

Peter, thanks for the pics, it brought a big smile to our faces all over again. It should be us that thank you for an amazing day, far beyond our expectations. We both knew it was going to be a great day and the ambiance of your estate is awesome. Peter you are a gracious host and wonderful teacher and we both had a tremendous time learning and spending time with you. We have just finished setting up camp on the Tumut river and will be back for an intermediate session for sure.


Singing your praises

Peter, after an experience like that, I’ll be singing your praises from the roof tops! I’m off tonight to brave the rain and try out me new found skills.


A true professional

Rainbow Springs is an amazing set up and exceeded my expectations. you are a true professional, easy to spend a day with and I will be a repeat client, of that I have no doubt.


High level tips and techniques

Thank you Peter for an awesome advanced day at Rainbow Springs. Your knowledge, teaching style and willingness to share high level tips were fantastic and I am more keen than ever to put it into practice. I already had some basic fly fishing skills, but you were able to improve my casting, add new casting techniques, as well as dramatically improve my knowledge. You just tied everything together so I now have some real confidence on how to approach any given body of water and fish it thoroughly, like a Pro!


Helped me enormously

Thank Peter, Friday helped me enormously, I thought both your theory and practical presentations really worked for me, and it was bloody great fun too! I have dispelled all those inaccurate and half-right video clips and tips on the internet. Your Rainbow Springs course manual is concise and gives me everything I need to get going without being swamped, cant wait to see the advanced section.



I just had a fantastic day with Peter where I had an outstanding introduction to fly fishing! With what I learned today I am able to move ahead knowing I have the right techniques and sound appreciation of the methods. Thank you Peter.


I had a blast

I had one of the best days I can remember. I learned so much and am looking forward to practicing the hell out of it for the remainder of the season. Top that off with my biggest trout on fly, I was grinning like a lunatic all the way back to Sydney. I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge, your training style, for access to your incredible facilities and for the sense of friendship you can build up in just one day. I had a blast and will be back in the not too distant future.


I will be back

I spent an insightful and productive two hours with Peter yesterday for an advanced refresher session. Within minutes of assessing my casting he was able to identify key opportunities to improve my casting tailored to my upcoming trip to NZ. I will be back for a follow up session of instruction and highly recommend Rainbow Springs to others, both new and experienced in the sport.


Great mates and smiles

Peter, our day was everything you promised and more, because we all caught fish on a difficult day. We are all great mates and the smile on Dave’s face  topped off my day, even before we caught more fish. It’s one thing to be a world-class fisherman but another to be a great teacher, so I bow to you on that, thank you. Your efforts wont be wasted.


A treasured lesson

Peter, thank you for the day. I cant recount the number of lectures and tutorials I have attended but your time and the teachings you provide will certainly remain a treasured lesson. You have given me the confidence to pursue this art form and apply it to my fly fishing. I am looking forward to my future endeavors but more importantly my next tutorial.


Get up to the mountains

Peter, thanks for your help yesterday. I can not believe how much I learnt in one day. Really enjoyed the experience and can not wait to get up to the mountains.


The highlight

I had a great day out with you Peter. It was excellent surroundings and even better tuition from you Peter. I still think the highlight was presenting to a fish and actually seeing him head straight for my nymph. I now have the confidence and knowledge to tackle trout in the wild. I will have no hesitation in recommending Rainbow Springs to anyone. Finally, I will never forget yesterday and thanks for the photos.


This place is amazing

This place is amazing!!! I recently did a day with Peter at Rainbow Springs and was so impressed with the training and facilities. The knowledge and training from Peter was second to none and I can highly recommend this experience to anyone. I went from no experience to having the confidence and skills to fly fish on my own. I’d love to return for more!!!


Exceptionally splendid

We had an exceptionally splendid day with you at Rainbow Springs. Words alone will not acquaint themselves with the hospitality, enjoyment and knowledge gained, all factors that you so admirably pieced together for our benefit. Thank you so much.


Books, videos and hours

I am new to fly fishing and have read many books, watched many videos and spent hours on the river. I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days with Peter, it was an excellent experience and there is absolutely no doubt I have achieved excellent outcomes. Peter focuses on core practical skills and information that leads to a dynamic and flexible approach to success. Peter was also able to match my equipment which was a revelation in my casting. I have no hesitation in recommending Rainbow springs for its high quality learning environment.


More confident

Dear Peter, thank you for all your encouragement. I really enjoyed the day and came away more confident and am really looking forward to my next outing. I have graduated from hoping I was doing the right thing to knowing the right thing to do.


What a reward

Thanks again for the beautiful day yesterday, and for your patience while teaching us. My little buddy was extremely satisfied and still very excited yesterday night when he told his Mum and Sis how was the fly fishing. What a reward as a father to see his son SO happy.


Best thing in years

Just wanted to say a big thank you for today. Was the best thing I have done in years. I learnt so much and feel confident I can go out and catch on my own.


Paradise in the hills

Spent yesterday learning the fly fishing trade from one of the greats. Peter at Rainbow Springs is as good as they come! I learnt a hell of a lot in what was a short yet methodical days tuition! I would recommend this place to anyone. Paradise in the hills.


Best fishing ever

Hi Peter, on the weekend I fished two small rivers and had the best fishing I have ever had. I netted 9 with another 6 coming unstuck and missed what I think were plenty of takes. I fished all the likely looking spots using your secrets. You were right it works.


The list goes on

Awesome day Peter, can’t thank you enough. Couldn’t ask for a better instructor, facilities, hospitality, gear, lunch, and the list goes on……oh yeah the fish. What an experience. Not sure how I’m going to go back to an eggbeater when fishing for Flatties and Bream down the coast.


A fantastic day

Hi Peter, I know I can speak for Kane as well, we both had a fantastic day. I did expect to learn a great deal however the day still went way beyond my expectations and to do it in such a relaxed atmosphere was brilliant. Thanks again and I have let Sally know how brilliant the experience was.



Just awesome!


No better way to learn

Such a great day – I wish I had done this years ago.There is no better way to learn than from someone who is a Pro and who is such a natural teacher. I’d happy recommend Rainbow Springs to anyone wanting to get more out of their fly fishing adventures.


My gift voucher

Hi Peter, I had such a great day. I was a little unsure when my wife gave me the gift voucher but Sunday was one of the best days I had had in a long, long time. I will be back for an intermediate session next year.


Huge thank you

Hello Peter, a huge huge thank you for Saturday and particularly your extension of great conversation and friendship. So enjoyed the day and we will be back real soon.


A fantastic day

What a fantastic day. Peter was fantastic, helpful, personable and a real hoot. Highly recommend this to anyone, avid fisher or not. Thanks again for a great time.


Treasure this memory

What a great time acquiring new skills. I have renewed confidence in my cast and using two flies. Thanks again for a great day on my dad’s 80th. I will treasure this memory.


Very special

I had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed your company, your attention to detail was awesome. Catching a trout and learning about fly fishing was a first for me and very special.


Mick’s birthday present

Mick’s birthday present this year – A whole day of fly fishing lessons. He had an awesome time and caught a beauty. Topped all expectations and could not be a better learning environment.


Beyond my expectations

Hi Peter, I really enjoyed my time, learnt a lot and it went beyond my expectations. Your teaching is very thorough and at the same time concise so thanks very much. I will certainly recommend your services to others


A great day

Peter, thanks again for a great day yesterday. James and I could not have asked for a more informative and enjoyable day in every way. Our casting improved out of site. Until next time!


An experience I will treasure

Thanks Peter, it’s an experience I will treasure and found it exceptional. I have caught the bug!


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant – that’s all I can say. If you want to learn, there is nowhere else to go! What an experience. Just do it!


I have learned so much

Peter, I have enjoyed every minute of my repeated visits with you. I have learned so much and I now have full confidence on the water. I look forward to planning our next session.


I had a great day

I had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed your company. Your attention to detail was awesome. Catching a trout and learning about trout fishing was a first for me and very special.


Such a great day

Such a great day – I wish I had done this years ago. There is no better way to learn than from someone who is a pro and who is such a natural teacher. Being shown the full experience all the way through to rod handling once you’ve hooked a trout is so valuable. I’d happily recommend Rainbow Springs to anyone wanting to get more out of their fly fishing adventures.


Awesome day

Awesome day, Peter. Can’t thank you enough! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, facilities, hospitality, gear, lunch, and the list goes on… and oh yeah, the fish! What an experience.

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